Pricing That Fits Your Business

Packages For All Startup Sizes

Whether on a budget or not, we can accomodate any size team to t your business needs for very competitive prices. We will manage your entire team and create the infrastructure your network needs to have a solid presence online.We have set up a few standard packages that would t most business needs but are also fexible in team sizes we can accomodate. No job is too great and all obstacles will be tackled as we will tailor t your development team to perfectly t your business needs without all the fat.

2 Employees

Basic Plan

  • 1 Full Stack Developer
  • 1 Graphic Designer
  • Full Time
  • 8 Hours a Day
  • 6 Days a Week
  • Exclusively on Your Project

4 Employees

Business Plan

  • 1 Front End Programmer
  • 1 Back End Programmer
  • 1 Graphic Designer
  • 1 Systems Administrator
  • 1 Staging Server
  • Full Time

10 Employees

Premium Plan

  • 2 Front End Programmer
  • 2 Back End Programmer
  • 2 Graphic/Media Designer
  • 1 Systems Administrator
  • 2 SEO/SEM Professional
  • 1 Dedicated Team Manager

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Baz Global is a cutting edge development company that works with leading professionals in all aspects of coding, security, and design to make stunning, functional, and exceptionally secure websites.

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