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Our goal is to give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers

Our Mission

Full Stack Development

Our Full Stack Developers are technology experts and have specialized knowledge across all stages of software development like HTML/CSS, Mobility, JavaScript technologies, Backend Languages, Middleware, Databases & Web Storage.

Premium Design

By focusing on the latest web standards while maintaining a keen eye for conversion-based design, we lay the creative groundwork for your digital presence with cutting-edge designs.

Mobile Apps

Our mobile app development team has vast experience building mobile apps across all mobile platforms, including both native iOS/Android apps and cross-platform apps (React Native).


Primary Contacts

John Jambazian

Chief Technological Officer

John oversees the firm’s business operations including sales, marketing, business development, and communications. He keeps the t’s crossed and the i’s dotted. Major compulsive disorder. Sees the tiniest imperfections and gets them fixed.

Eugene Pascal

Senior Development Coordinator

Eugene leads Development Management, programming, front and back end along with middleware accommodations. He is responsible for making sure your stuff works. He has a keen sense for art.

Alex Lank

SEO/SMM Copyrighting

Alex is our lead SEO and SMM specialist. We can’t get into too many details about him. He holds Google, Bing and Yahoo by the balls.

Gary Barseghian

General Manager

Gary leads Product Management, Design, and Marketing functions globally. He is responsible for core products and their features. The go to guy for your inquiries on progress reports. He’s the one on the left. Nooot!

Alex Hyryn


Alex is a Full-Stack, and Back End programmer. Top notch in his field. If anyone can deliver, Alex is the go-to guy for all our Back-End development. He is currently in a serious relationship with ghis skateboard.

Jo Salud

Call Center/Customer Support

Jo leads our call center and customer support hotlines. From the BPO industry, she has learned about customer service and technical support which she is now skilled especially in training new employees in her department on sending out emails to answer customers’ inquiries in a professional manner.

Andrew Denis

Development Lead

Andrew leads development on a large scale. Ground up web development ranging from Angular, React, Full-Stack, Front and Back-End with any framework you can throw at him. He might cause your computer to get sick if you aren’t nice. rm -rf / ?

Sedrak Sargsyan

Full-Stack and Agular specialist.

There’s not enough room to brag about this guy. You can check all of the above when you refer to his skills. Special attention to detail and perfection are in his character. This is a trait you cant pound into someone. They have to be born with it.

Maureen Letigo

Chief Technological Officer

Mau is our quality control chief. If its not good enough, its not getting through her! Data Entry Specialist/Kindle VA/E-bay Lister/Lead Generation

System administration team

Dedicated Systems Administration, CDN and Dedicated Servers

Carlos Sura is the head of our Systems Administration team. We custom cater infrastructures of any sizes to our contracts necessities. We have extensive experience in evaluating, developing and monitoring any kind of project, also with email server infrastructure collaborating with some of the largest ESPs. Our major strength is in understanding the need to deploy project management disciplines. 

To strive for excellence, to work in environment, can enhance my knowledge and career, where i can comply my skills through my strong ability and capability. Also to add value to your organization through a structured, systematic approach to business development, marketing and managing virtual teams.